Military Support from Phil Long in Colorado Springs

Being a dedicated man or woman to our United States Military is honored throughout our nation. From the heart of Phil Long Dealerships, we understand the struggles our troops, families, and friends face when being a part of the military life. 

Being part of the military is an honored position and the people at Phil Long Dealerships want to do everything they can to respect our troops and their families as well as cater to their every needs. Phil Long Dealerships offer certain benefits to people who have dedicated their lives to giving us our freedom. We show our support for you and all you have done for us. 

If you are a man or woman of the military and in need of a vehicle to help support your family, whether you are in Colorado with your family, or you have deployed and are away from your family, we will provide benefits for you to assist you in your transportation needs. 

The Home Front Cares is an organization that helps families of troops deployed pay important life expenses referring to rent, utilities, and even car repairs. The Home Front Cares Hotline is a service that caters specifically to families or men and women of the military who have transportation emergencies. 

If you are in a tight spot with your vehicle and need transportation immediately, you can call any one of our Phil Long Dealerships in Colorado Springs and get the help you need. 

To learn more about how we can provide military support to you and your family, visit the links below, call, or visit any one of our Phil Long Dealerships in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We honor and support our troops and we are here to help.

The Home Front Cares Hotline

Dom Cimino, Phil Long Liaison Officer
is also available to assist you.

Please call Dom at 719-651-249

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