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When is the Best Time to Buy Used Cars?

When you are looking for used cars in Colorado Springs, you'll want to plan your trip to Colorado Springs used car dealerships or Denver used car dealerships carefully. Certain times are better than others if you're going to find your best deal on used cars in Colorado. At Phil Long, we want you to be prepared to score an amazing deal on that next used car.

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Buy Used Cars on Weekdays

There's no question that the worst time to visit the used car dealerships in Colorado is over a weekend. The best time to take a test drive would be on Monday or Tuesday. That's when the showroom is quiet and the staff has plenty of time to pay attention to you. It's also the best way to make a deal without feeling hurried. If you didn't apply for financing on any used cars in Colorado Springs before heading in, you'll find that the process runs faster when the dealer isn't busy.

Buy Used Cars at End of the Month/Quarter

Dealerships, even used car dealerships, need to meet certain sales goals. This applies for the month and the quarter. Generally, there's a bonus involved, so everyone works extra hard to meet these quotas. If you want the best deals on used cars in Colorado Springs, or Denver, visiting used car dealerships during this time might benefit you. Of course, you won't know if the dealership is still striving to reach the goal, but it's worth a shot.

Buy Used Cars on Holiday Weekends

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If you want to score a deal on used cars in Colorado Springs, then visiting over a holiday weekend is your best bet. You can find affordable used cars over Presidents Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. This is when the best promotions and cash rebates are available for used trucks, used cars, and used SUVs.

Buy Used Cars on Black Friday

A special holiday sale for used cars occurs over Black Friday. While everyone is doing their shopping, you'll want to check out the latest deals on used SUVs and cars. Automakers drop prices dramatically during this holiday to cater to people already looking to spend a little money.

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Buy Used Cars at the End of the Model Year

At the end of the model year, dealers want to cut their margins drastically just to make room for the newest inventory. As this occurs, people begin to buy new cars in masses. This creates a lot of trade-ins which generates a plethora of used cars for you to choose from. It's an ideal time to shop for used cars in Colorado Springs, especially if you aren't picky about the color or specific features of the car. Start looking for these end-of-model year sales to start at the end of summer at most of the used car dealerships in Colorado.

Buy Used Cars at the End of the Calendar Year

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If you can wait until the end of the calendar year, you'll get amazing deals on used cars in Colorado Springs. December offers some big bargains when it comes to used car sales. If you have nothing to do on New Year's Eve, you are sure to save some serious cash. This is the time when dealerships are looking to reach their end of year goals. To make that happen, they have to push used cars and used trucks out the door at extremely low prices. If New Year's Eve is too busy for you consider visiting the week between Christmas and the New Year.

Find Good Deals on Used Cars Anytime

While certain times are better than others, you can still find great deals on used cars in Colorado Springs at different times. In fact, at Phil Long, we believe in giving good deals all year long. We often have an overstock of the best used luxury cars in Denver, as well as used trucks and used SUVs. Come find out why the community regularly comes to us for all of their used cars for sale in Colorado. You won't be disappointed. Colorado drives Phil Long!

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