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You must know how to buy used cars if you want to get a quality used vehicle for a good price. That's why we put together a guide with steps on how to find the best used cars in Colorado Springs. We will talk about setting your budget, researching prices and selecting used cars from Denver to Colorado Springs that are right for you.

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Determine Your Used Car Budget

Before you learn the ins and outs of how to buy used cars, you must first determine your budget. What can you actually afford? Figuring out your price range includes more than just the cost of the used car. You need to think about financing, future repair costs, maintenance work and your insurance premiums as well. Before ever setting foot at a used car dealership in Colorado, you need to know what you are willing to spend. Then, you must be prepared to stick to that number when shopping.

Determine the Used Car You Want

Your next step when learning how to buy used cars is to figure out what you want in your next vehicle. Do you have specific needs or wants that will dictate what model you buy? For example, if you need room for seven people, you aren't going to be looking for a sports car. Furthermore, if you plan to take your new vehicle off-road, trying to find the best used luxury cars in Denver might not be the best choice for you. Stick to looking for the used cars in Colorado that fit your lifestyle and your needs.

Find the Best Local Used Car Deals

If you spend your time doing much needed research, you'll have no trouble finding the best deals on used cars. One of the best tips when you want to know how to buy used cars, is to know when to buy. As you watch, you will see there are better times than others to search out used car sales. If you can visit the used car dealerships in Colorado when it's a major holiday, you'll likely get the best price. You also want to shop at a time when there was a surge of new car sales. That's because most of those people probably traded in a used car that is now for sale.

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Check the Used Car Vehicle History Report

It does you no good to learn how to buy used cars if you don't check the car's history. When you buy from Phil Long Dealerships, this isn't something you need to worry about, but buying from other bad credit car dealers or private parties put you at risk. However, since it's best practice, we still encourage you to check the vehicle history report even when you buy from us. There could be hidden liens on the title or worse yet, previous damage that you aren't aware of. You don't want to buy a car that's been involved in major repairs or was flood damaged. Do your homework before making that purchase to secure your investment.

Test Drive, Inspect & Negotiate

Now for the fun part of learning how to buy used cars. You get to test drive the vehicles you found. Take it on roads similar to those you will be operating on a regular basis. Then, if you aren't sure what to look for in that specific model, make sure you have a qualified mechanic take a look over it. Finally, make sure you negotiate the price. There's always a little wiggle room available so there's no reason to spend more than necessary on any used cars in Colorado.

Welcome to Expert Used Car Buying

We've talked about how to set your budget to buy used cars for sale in Colorado Springs. We've also outlined how to figure out what type of car you need. Maybe you'll find that used truck in Denver is more what you are after. Either way, make sure you inspect the car, check the vehicle history and negotiate. Phil Long Dealerships have the best used car dealerships in Colorado. That's because we offer the best selection at the most affordable prices. Once you've mastered how to buy used cars, you'll want to stop and see us where we make the entire process simple and easy. Look at our extensive selection of used cars in Denver, Colorado Springs, Glenwood Springs, Trinidad and even Raton, NM. You will find exactly what you are looking for.

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