Their Sacrifices for Our Wellbeing
Some select career paths based on the expected salary and benefits. Others pursue their lifelong dreams above all else. Some have determined to shatter a glass ceiling through equal parts determination and strategic toil. Others have a proud legacy to maintain. Everyone is spurred by their own set of reasons, gnawed at by their own fears, and championed by their own supporters. As we all labor to secure a better future for ourselves and our families, the courageous men and women of our military defend our collective liberty to do so.

For the members of the United States Armed Forces, motivation runs deeper than personal ambition. It even runs deeper than familial obligations. Every airman, sailor, soldier, coastguardsman, and marine must juggle their own concerns with their commitment to a greater purpose. They adhere to a notably stricter lifestyle than the average citizen for the sake of vigilance. They train their whole being for service. Our military operates like a well-oiled machine at its best, but never mistake its disciplined members for unfeeling automatons. Bear in mind that the people of our military are just that people. We are here for them whenever they need a hand.

We are here for the young airwoman putting herself through university in ROTC. Her parents had almost given up on the possibility of sending her to college, but she found a way. Now she has an opportunity to excel while contributing to the nation as a whole. The young cadet's long-distance commute could benefit from a cost-effective hybrid, so she has been saving up. She and her parents will be pleasantly surprised to discover which deals she has merited.

We are here for the fourth-generation marine following in his father's, grandfather's footsteps, and great-grandfather's footsteps. Keeping the legacy alive, he plans to make his forerunners proud. He also plans to continue the other family tradition: owning the biggest pickup truck available. We applaud both of his commitments, and can help out with that last one.

We are here for the soldier reporting to her first base. No one believed that she could get through basic training; she disproved their doubts. She could have opted for an easier life, but she refused to stand by while others fought for her freedom. Now she's in the market for her own car, and we would be honored to complement her budding success story with a sensible sedan.

We are here for the middle-aged coastguardsman on the verge of retirement. Not even becoming a highly decorated officer has eroded his humility. He has never been one to splurge, and has only driven jalopies since receiving his license way back when. With the golden years approaching, his wife has finally convinced him to indulge in a luxury cabriolet. We could not be happier for them, and we'll help them celebrate with the best bargain in town.

We are here for the sailor who has been living at sea for over a year. Serving on a submarine was his choice, and he has never regretted that. Still, he longs to greet his wife and kid the second he steps ashore. Once his naval duties are set aside, he is prepared to take up his household duties. The first item on his checklist: purchasing an SUV for his growing family. We can assist him in finding one as reliable as he has been.

There is no one face of valor. Our country's heroes come from a wide variety of backgrounds, communities, and situations. That same diversity is reflected in the vehicles they drive. Whatever their preferences may be, we are proud to offer quality automobiles to those who have given their all for our liberty. 
Phil Long would like to welcome home all our valued Military forces