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Buying used cars is an adventure and something to look forward too. Many people find the process overwhelming, but that's simply because they don't understand how to sway things in their favor. At Phil Long in Colorado Springs, we believe that picking out used cars should be seen as something to look forward to. That's why we've put together our five best tips for buying used cars.

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5 Used Car Buying Tips

1. Know Your Budget

Whether you are paying cash or taking out a loan, you must know what you can afford. It does you no good to look at used BMWs in Colorado if you only have a used Ford Focus budget. While you are preparing your budget, make sure you factor in the operating costs as well. Many people neglect to consider what the insurance fees, registration and future repairs will cost after buying a used car.

2. Check Ownership Costs & Reliability

While buying used cars, you'll come across many types of vehicles, all with their own unique benefits and disadvantages. You can go to trusted resources such as J.D. Power and Consumer Reports to research the vehicle you want. This will give you a better understanding of the reliability and ownership costs you face with each model. After doing your research, you might find that one of the other used cars might fit your needs better.

3. Perform an Inspection

When buying used cars, you need to make sure you inspect each one you're considering. You never know when someone is trying to sell you a clunker or a lemon. At Phil Long in Colorado Springs, we only sell the best used cars in the area. We would never sell you a car, truck or SUV that we wouldn't sell to our own family. We still encourage you to inspect our used cars because it's best practice when buying used cars even though we have already performed those inspections for you. If you plan to purchase somewhere else, you'll want to pay for a pre-purchase inspection.

4. Take a Test Drive

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When buying used cars, you don't ever want to neglect the test drive. No matter how much you love a car, you might find that driving it is cumbersome or just doesn't fit your needs. Look beyond the obvious while driving and pay attention to the smallest details. Play with the electronics and make sure everything works the way you want. In addition, you'll want to take all the used cars for a ride where you will typically be driving. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the city, it does you no good to try the vehicle out on the highway. Also, don't forget to bring a friend who can drive so you can try out the passenger and back seats. After all, their comfort is important too.

5. Consider an Extended Warranty

If you are planning to purchase a used car, you might wonder if an extended warranty is worth it. The reality is that any used car can quickly cause trouble. Sometimes, repairs become expensive. In these situations, an extended warranty is often a great way to avoid additional risk, but should you buy an extended warranty? The answer is: it depends. To see if an extended warranty is right for you, read this article about when you should buy an extended warranty: Should I Buy an Extended Warranty?

Finding the Best Used Cars in Colorado

Having all the best tips in the world doesn't benefit you if you don't know where to find the best used cars. At Phil Long, we offer a full selection of any car you could want. We have certified pre-owned cars to provide additional peace of mind. We also have an entire team of professionals that can help you get the financing you need to drive off the lot today. While you could spend a lot of time traveling to all the local dealerships, there's simply no reason. Save yourself time, save yourself money and save yourself some sanity. You might not know us yet, but you will soon be a part of our family.

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