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With all the technology around us and available options, it can be hard to determine where the best place is to buy used cars. However, there seem to be about 5 main options available to the average consumer. This includes new car dealerships, independent used car dealerships, used car retail locations such as CarMax, private sellers and online sellers. How do you know which one is the best place to buy used cars in Colorado Springs? We can help!

Buy Used Cars at a New Car Dealership

Your first option when deciding where to buy used cars is at the dealerships. Many new car dealerships take trade-ins on vehicles when customers come to buy new. Then, they turn around and sell them on a used lot. Most dealerships don't bother with cars that have mechanical issues, so you can generally trust that you are purchasing a reliable, used car for sale. The downside is that they don't always offer the best pricing.

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Buy Used Cars at an Independent Dealership

Your next option when looking where to buy used cars is through an independent dealership. This might be good if you need a bad credit car dealer because some of these locations offer their own financing. The downside is that without a connection to a reputable dealership, it's difficult to know what type of business they operate and if you are going to find quality used cars.

Buy Used Cars at a Retailer

If you want to know where to buy used cars and people have been telling you to check out retailers such as CarMax, you have some things to consider. While they do offer a vast selection of vehicles because they aren't brand loyal, their prices aren't always the best. Furthermore, the trade-in value isn't what most people hoped for when shopping for used cars and looking to value their trade.

Buy Used Cars from a Private 3rd Party

The fourth option when learning where to buy used cars is through a private party. If you find a vehicle that you want and it has a for sale sign in the window, you might be tempted to give it a test drive. Yes, the price might be better than what you would find at a dealer, but you won't have any guarantee about the mechanical integrity. You have to trust that the owner of that used car in Colorado is telling you the truth. Let's face it; most people aren't going to disclose everything about their vehicle when it's for sale.

Buy Used Cars Online

With the internet, you might take to the web when you want to learn where to buy used cars. Sure you can find pretty much any make and model you want online. You might even find that used truck in Denver or some used luxury cars in Colorado Springs, but how can you guarantee the quality? The truth is, you are left without any assurances yet again.

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After looking at all your options, the choice is simple. The best place to buy used cars are at dealerships. Reputation, quality, and negotiable pricing goes a lot further at dealerships. Don't get stuck with a lemon. Make a stop at Phil Long Dealerships. We offer the best selection of used cars for sale in Colorado and we are part of a network of locations. In fact, we can get any make or model you want, just as if you were shopping online. The difference is that when you buy used cars through us, you have a guarantee there's nothing wrong with it. Visit one of our many used car dealerships in Colorado and see for yourself what the difference is. You'll discover why customers continue to label us the best used car dealership in Colorado. 

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